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Horserail is a Post and Rail style fence that has been developed over the last 20 years to offer the highest standards of form, function, durability and most importantly safety.


Horserail is manufactured by from a flexible polyethylene that is moleculary bonded to high tensile steel fencing wire. The result is a fence that is flexible enough install easily but rigid enough so as to eliminate the possibilty of your horses becoming trapped or injured in the fence.


Horserail is an extremely versatile product that can be tailored to suit a variety of applications such as paddocks, lunging rings, gallops, arenas and horsewalkers.


Furthermore, with the improvements in manufacture and larger volumes, the cost of horserail now matches and usually betters traditional post and rail fencing.





The safest fence you can buy...

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Mark Todd - Eventing - UK

Horserail is undoubtedly the best fencing system on the market. Since I installed Horserail, I'm safe in the knowledge that there is no risk of injury to my horses. In addition to this, Horserail looks great and is far more cost effective in comparison to traditional post and rail.