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Hotcote is a much needed and far superior alternative to electrified tape or rope often seen on equestrian establishments where the cost of post and rail fencing cannot be justified. It combines the versatility of an electric tape or rope with the safety of a much more substantial fence and will still be looking great after years of use.

Hardware Options

A. Donut Tensioner: The quickest tighteners available – no stripping or crimping needed. This no saw tooth design is safer for horses and riders. Comes with 2 Stainless Steel Locking Pins.


B. Joining Buckle: A quick, secure method to join coated wires without stripping or crimping.


C. Straight Attaching Insulated Buckle: With HDG washer. Use for electrifiable fence on square posts or buildings.


D. Pre-Bent 45 Attaching Insulated Buckle: With HDG washer. Assists in alignment with line posts and reduces possible post rotation.


E. Inside Corner Insulator: Made of heavy duty materials for a long lasting, professional installed look.


F. Secure Screws: SIZE: .5  x 4  (12mm x 100mm)


Technical Specifications

High tensile 2.5mm galvanized fencing wire encased in high quality medium density polyethylene to create a safe 10mm thick highly visible wire, electrified through strands.



Each Hotcote wire has a breaking strain of 600 kilograms and a 20 year limited manufacturers warrantee.